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Making A feeling of the Individual Tax Calendar

Which are the Federal Holidays?

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Keeping every one of the filing dates straight with regards to the tax calendar could be a challenge within the best of times. Add

some unique Federal Holidays and you also often have a mess on your hands. Just what exactly must you know?

Federal Holidays - South Florida CPA

The government Tax Calendar contains some fairly predicable holidays and one or two that can throw you for any loop.

Here are the present observed holidays for federal tax purposes in 2012:

• Jan 2: New Years Day

• Jan 16: Martin Luther King Jr.

• Feb. 20: Washington's Birthday (President's Day)

• April 16: D.C. Emancipation Day

• May 28: Memorial Day

• July 4: Independence Day

• Sept 3: Labor Day

• Oct. 8: Columbus Day

• Nov. 12: Veterans' Day (observed)

• Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Day

• Dec. 25: Xmas day

What you ought to Know

Filing dates can move. The general guideline is that if a tax filing date lands on a Saturday or Sunday, the

filing date is gone to live in the next Monday. Month end reports which can be due often may be filed the next

Monday if the due date arrives at a weekend.

Filing dates can move TWICE. When a tax filing date visits a weekend And also the following Monday is an

observed holiday, then the filing date moves to Tuesday. It has occurred the last 2 yrs with all the April 15th

tax filing date and the Washington D.C. Emancipation Day Holiday.

Favorite dates. The tax calendar has a tendency to favor certain dates during the month. The dates will be the 15th and the

last day of the month. If you receive tips at your job then also add in the 10th. Knowing this, you could do

a mental review monthly to ensure you usually are not missing a vital filing date.

Major Individual Filing Dates. Take note them in your calendar. Other dates could be important for your

particular situation, but this is an excellent place to start:

January 15: 4th Quarter (prior year) estimated tax payment

April 15: 1040 individual income tax deadline;

1st Quarter estimated tax payment

June 15: 2nd Quarter estimated tax payment

September 15: 3rd Quarter estimated tax payment

October 15: 1040 individual taxes due (if filed an extension)

December 31: Retiree minimum required distribution due

10th of each month: Employees who receive tip income (reporting due to employers)

Note: make sure to move the filing payment date towards the following Monday in the event the date lands on a weekend.

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